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What We Do

We are a full-service plumber, and we handle ALL of your residential plumbing needs. Let us be your go-to plumber for emergencies, maintenance, repairs, and renovations.

Highlighted Services

Plumbing emergencies happen to everyone, and all the time. Some can be prevented, and many can not. What you can depend on is a fast response time and reasonable price for emergency plumbing work.
Kitchens hold a good amount of the value, and also handles the most usage. Leaky drains and faucet repairs are all too common. If you have any faulty kitchen fixtures, or looking to upgrade to new sinks and filtered water, we do the best and fastest work around.
Toilet flushing uses up over 30% of your home’s water, on average. We can update your toilets to low-flo, saving you hundreds conserving water and sewage. With the California drought, updating your bathroom to conserve water from the toilet to the shower should be a home-owners priority.
Whether its repair, replacement, or an upgrade we can handle it. Water heaters are an important appliance to keep maintained and they use up enough energy to consider an energy efficient upgrade with today’s energy costs. Call us and we can go over your options and install a new water heater in no time!
You laundry machines can do a ton of damage if something goes wrong. From gas leaks to major water damage, if you have any issues with your laundry water and gas line you should call a plumber quickly before there’s a significant puddle to clean up.
Leaky pipes and clogged drain keep plumbers in business. We can repair issues whether is a small issue or big problem. We’ll advise you on keeping your drain pipes clean which can go a long way as far as prevention. But when you do have drain problems, we’re the ones to call!
Sewer disasters definitely top the list for the worst plumbing nightmare. Many contractors will tell you to install a whole new sewer because it’s easier for them, but that will cost you a small fortune. Let our years of expertise handle it, we can find a solution that can save you time and money.
Landscapers aren’t plumbers, so make sure you get a plumbers second opinions on any major outdoor plumbing around your home. Installations of sprinklers and in-ground irrigation needs to be fault-free. Mistakes can cost you thousands in wasted water bills or future landscape reworking. Call us and we’ll help you do it right.
Remodeling bathrooms and kitchen is the no-brainer way to modernize the space and increase the value of the home. That comes with some plumbing work which can cost quite a bit if not left to an expert. Don’t trust you handyman or contractor to handle the plumbing work. Hire a professional like Plumbco to do the job flawlessly and within budget.